New Year…New Beginning


Every year there is a 31st December and then comes the 1st January. Everyone has their own way to welcome the New year. Some get drunk, some want a good high, some go loud and crazy, some like it quiet. Every year we move on from the previous year to a new one with lots of Positivity, Excitement, Resolutions, Dreams, Hopes, Love and plan to make this year the best one we have ever had.


New Year is a beautiful way to start up something new or something fresh. Yes…it’s just another day like the rest of the year (I have heard a lot of people say that). But there is something which makes this day really special. It’s the vibe around this day, it’s the feeling of something new starting, it’s the positivity,  it’s the hope of putting everything behind and starting afresh. These feelings make it extremely special and important.

Every year we make plans for the New year. Some people want to quit smoking, some want to be single. Some people want to buy a new car, some want a bigger house, some people want a better job, some want a salary hike.

This year let’s make one more list. A list of things you want to do for yourself. To make the ‘Inner You’ happy. Forget about everything the world or the society wants you to achieve. Forget about your job or your bank account or your expensive cars. Think about the real you. What do ‘YOU’ want to achieve in this new year. The year that is full of light and life and beauty. Make a list of things you want to do to make yourself happy. Things that’ll help you to grow. Not materialistic growth but the real one. Growth of the soul. And don’t just think it in your head, go ahead and actually make one. Write it down. At least 6 things you want to achieve in 2018 for yourself. It could be anything. Stupid, crazy, bizarre, funny, as far as its making you happy Go Ahead.

For so many years we have been working on a ‘To do List’ which in the bigger picture doesn’t even matter. Let’s start working on the list that will matter. A list that’ll help us Grow…from within.