Think Of The Bigger Picture!Β 

I remember the day I had signed Udaan. Vikram (Director of Udaan) took me out for a walk and told me that ‘Life will not always be easy. While shooting there will be days when things won’t go as per your plans. There will be days when I might get angry at you. There will be days when you will be too harsh on yourself. At that point just Think Of The Bigger Picture. Few years down the line when you will sit and watch yourself on screen none of this pain or fights would matter. All that will matter is what you see on screen.’ 

I took that bit of advice pretty seriously and I made it a very important part of my life. Everything I do or everything that happens to me I always try and look at the bigger picture. 

The reason I am writing this today is because I recently read about a young boy who killed himself because of life pressures and because he failed his Exams and Depression which lead to Drug Addiction. After reading about him I met so many people who told me stories about themselves or people they know who are struggling with the same.

Now let’s connect these two stories together. Let’s just see our entire life as a Movie. All these small little things which we worry so much about like Exams, Job, Making Money, Buying a New car, or a better car, Getting your ‘own’ house and thousand  other things DON’T MATTER AT ALL. These are the things which we do for the ‘Society’, for our family, for our future (which none of us have any idea about), for our kids and so on. What really matters is what we do for Ourselves. 

How many times do we actually do something that makes our Soul happy without worrying about anyone or anything at all? How many times do we laugh at problems which are super serious? 

Rarely or maybe Never! 

Let’s start celebrating Life. The ultimate happiness and Life’s ‘Bigger Picture’ is making your soul grow. Exams , Jobs , Money etc won’t matter At All. 

I was an extremely average student. Never got good marks. Never liked to study. Never got any importance or popularity in school. Had no Girlfriend. No money. Not good in sports. And even today I sometimes have money issues, Family problems, No work and hundred other things happening at the same time. But I still consider myself a Blessed person and I am really happy with my life. 


Because we all have problems in life. But if you look at our journey as a soul, these problems are our Experiences and Opportunities to grow as a Soul. By the end of every lifetime we live, when we will look at our own Movie, which is our journey in this particular lifetime, all we will be thankful for are our Experiences and Opportunities. We will realise that it’s the Human being we are that matters and not the money we make or the car we drive or the exams we pass. 

Now let’s do some simple calculations. Why do we have to worry about something which at the end of the day won’t even matter. And why not spread all our Niceness and Positivity around because that is the only thing which would truly matter. 

I am not asking you to run away from your problems. I am just asking you to face them and welcome them with a big bright smile. Don’t let anything or anyone pressurise you. If we fail ones we can do it the next time. If we can’t do it at all we will do something else. Do what makes you happy. Enjoy what you do. Write, Sing , Paint, Act, Travel, Study, do anything that you truly enjoy because you will give your best when you do something you enjoy. Even I changed 3 professions before I became an Actor. It’s ok to try and fail and then try again. Life is Beautiful. It’s not Hard or Complicated at all. So let’s just keep it simple. Enjoy Life. Live Life. Because when your film will be screened in front of you, you should be able to stand there and watch your entire journey with a smile on your face and no regrets at all. Life is Precious and at the end you should be proud of the way you Lived it because that’s all that will matter. 

#LiveLife #LoveLife

#LetThePositivityFlow πŸ˜‡

To Travel is to Live!

‘Into The Wild’ is a travel film directed by Sean Penn. It’s one of my all time favourite movie. I watch it when I am happy, I watch it when I am sad, I watch is when I am excited, I watch it when I am depressed…In short, I watch it all the time. This film is one of my biggest inspiration to go out and TRAVEL. 

After I saw the film for the first time I was just in awe of Chris McCandless (The Boy film is based on). But I couldn’t connect with it because I had NEVER travelled solo. I have always been a people’s person. I love having my people around and I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to stay and travel solo. But the film inspired me to just go out and see how it goes. 

In India, the travel culture is a little different. Most people want to go to maximum number of places in limited number of days. For example, if they go to Europe for 10 days, instead of staying in one country and enjoying it proper they want to go to 5 and put a check in on Facebook. 

The first thing about Traveling is that you should Travel for yourself, you should travel to ‘Live’ that particular place you are going to. Traveling is not something to brag about, it’s for your own self to grow. 

There is a big difference between a Tourist and a Traveler. BE A TRAVELER! When I say ‘Live’ the place you are going to what I mean is that just go to a place with NO PLAN at all. Just go with the flow. Every morning will bring something more beautiful, something more exciting and fun. Make random and spontaneous plans when you are Traveling. Meet the locals , interact with them, eat with them, Drink with them. Learn about their culture , tell them about yours. Meet complete strangers on the way and Travel with them. Make local friends, Talk to anyone you feel like talking to, get out of your comfort zone, smile, flirt, meet a girl, tell her she is pretty, play with the kids on the streets, go to a cafe read a book and do nothing the entire day, Traveling is not about doing something all the time. Sometimes you can just sit and read a book or listen to your favourite song or talk to someone all day and do nothing else.

These are few of the pictures from my recent Solo Trips.

Enjoying a super awesome cup of Jaggery Tea someone offered me. 

Met him while trekking. I was too tired and he offered me Beedi and ‘Chai’ in his small little hut. 

Met someone from Khel foundation while traveling in Lucknow. And he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. πŸ˜‚

The offer was to come and spend two hours with these amazing kids with no media people being involved. 😎😎

Told him how as a kid when my mum was cutting vegetables I would take the top cut part of the ladyfingers and stick them on my fingers to scare everyone. He got really excited and did the same to scare me. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Ed, A fellow Traveler I met who has been cycling from England. Travelled 7000 Kms. so far in 5 months and will be travelling for a year and a half more. We met, became friends and he promised to meet me when in Bombay and I promised to show him around when he comes here. 

***Thats the reason you should keep traveling because while you are at it, you meet some amazing people on the way and many new friendships and bonds are formed.

Today, after so many solo trips all I can tell you is that THERE IS NOTHING MORE LIBERATING THAN TRAVEL. 

Since we were little we have always been told by our parents to be careful, to not go anywhere alone, to not trust people easily, to not eat anything a stranger offers, to know your limits etc etc etc..DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF IT!  The only thing you need to keep in mind is LISTEN TO YOUR HEART! Go with you gut feeling. If your gut feeling tells you to avoid something or someone then just Avoid. Be it a relative or a stranger. It doesn’t matter who the person is. BUT if your gut feeling tells you to go for it, then JUST GO FOR IT!!! And don’t get disheartened if you make a mistake because that mistake will help you not to make another mistake in the future. It will only make you wiser. So it’s an all side Plus Plus.

A lot of people also have this misconception that You need to have a lot of money to Travel.


You seriously don’t need a lot of money to Travel. You can go backpacking with very little money. All of my Backpacking trips are super Low budget. You don’t need money to Travel, You just need a will. Stay in Hostels, Try couchsurfing, Travel light, Use public Transport, do whatever but don’t let money be an excuse to stop you from Traveling! 

The best part about traveling is that it comes with just one side effect and that is that once you start traveling , you just want to Travel more and more. Apart from this its just a plus in everything. It’ll make you a person and show you the good side of your personality which you had no idea ever existed. 

Travel will help your soul grow!

Once you start Traveling solo you will see the change in you. You will be more Wise, Calm, Positive, Confident, Happy, Healthy, Fit, Giving, Caring, Understanding, Kind, Open minded and a much better Human being. 

Please stop finding excuses and start traveling. Go out and explore. There is so much to see and experience. Next week, next month will NEVER come. If you want to start something, Do it today! 

This is my all time favourite song. It’s from INTO THE WILD (Obviously πŸ˜›). It NEVER fails to motivate me. Hope it does the same to you guys and you pack your bags and start Traveling. Read

 LONG NIGHTS (By Eddie Vedder)

Have no fear

For when I’m alone

I’ll be better off 

Than I was before
I’ve got this light

I’ll be around to grow

Who I was before

I cannot recall

Long nights allow 

Me to feel I’m falling

I am falling
The lights go out

Let me feel I’m falling

I am falling 

safely to the ground

I’ll take this soul 

That’s inside me now

Like a brand new friend

I’ll forever know

I’ve got this life 

And the will to show

I will always be 

Better than before

Long nights allow 

Me to feel I’m falling

I am falling
The lights go out

Let me feel I’m falling

I am falling 

safely to the ground.

#LetThePositivityFlow  πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡