New Year…New Beginning


Every year there is a 31st December and then comes the 1st January. Everyone has their own way to welcome the New year. Some get drunk, some want a good high, some go loud and crazy, some like it quiet. Every year we move on from the previous year to a new one with lots of Positivity, Excitement, Resolutions, Dreams, Hopes, Love and plan to make this year the best one we have ever had.


New Year is a beautiful way to start up something new or something fresh. Yes…it’s just another day like the rest of the year (I have heard a lot of people say that). But there is something which makes this day really special. It’s the vibe around this day, it’s the feeling of something new starting, it’s the positivity,  it’s the hope of putting everything behind and starting afresh. These feelings make it extremely special and important.

Every year we make plans for the New year. Some people want to quit smoking, some want to be single. Some people want to buy a new car, some want a bigger house, some people want a better job, some want a salary hike.

This year let’s make one more list. A list of things you want to do for yourself. To make the ‘Inner You’ happy. Forget about everything the world or the society wants you to achieve. Forget about your job or your bank account or your expensive cars. Think about the real you. What do ‘YOU’ want to achieve in this new year. The year that is full of light and life and beauty. Make a list of things you want to do to make yourself happy. Things that’ll help you to grow. Not materialistic growth but the real one. Growth of the soul. And don’t just think it in your head, go ahead and actually make one. Write it down. At least 6 things you want to achieve in 2018 for yourself. It could be anything. Stupid, crazy, bizarre, funny, as far as its making you happy Go Ahead.

For so many years we have been working on a ‘To do List’ which in the bigger picture doesn’t even matter. Let’s start working on the list that will matter. A list that’ll help us Grow…from within.




A friend once told me that we are slowly turning into a generation who is Scared…Scared of everything. Scared to Trust, Scared to Experience, Scared to Talk, Scared to even Feel. And I think she is right. We are turning away and running from the most basic thing we have as human beings…Emotions.

We always see people tell each other to be happy always. Its great. We should all be happy but being happy ‘all the time‘ is not possible. Its not practical and its not good. We can’t possibly be happy all the time. And the point here is It’s Ok. Its ok to be sad or angry or whatever and not be happy sometimes. We as human beings are blessed with so many Emotions and it won’t be fair if we don’t experience them all. Experiencing Jealousy or Sadness or Anger is as big a blessing as being Happy is. This at least proves that we still Feel. In this generation of machines all around we are still very much Alive.

Don’t be this generation who is scared to Feel, scared to Experience. Don’t stop yourself from being Happy because you are scared of being sad, don’t stop yourself from trusting someone because you are scared of being cheated on, don’t stop yourself from falling in Love because you are scared of a heartbreak, DON’T STOP. Please. FEEL. EXPERIENCE. LEARN.



Think Of The Bigger Picture! 

I remember the day I had signed Udaan. Vikram (Director of Udaan) took me out for a walk and told me that ‘Life will not always be easy. While shooting there will be days when things won’t go as per your plans. There will be days when I might get angry at you. There will be days when you will be too harsh on yourself. At that point just Think Of The Bigger Picture. Few years down the line when you will sit and watch yourself on screen none of this pain or fights would matter. All that will matter is what you see on screen.’ 

I took that bit of advice pretty seriously and I made it a very important part of my life. Everything I do or everything that happens to me I always try and look at the bigger picture. 

The reason I am writing this today is because I recently read about a young boy who killed himself because of life pressures and because he failed his Exams and Depression which lead to Drug Addiction. After reading about him I met so many people who told me stories about themselves or people they know who are struggling with the same.

Now let’s connect these two stories together. Let’s just see our entire life as a Movie. All these small little things which we worry so much about like Exams, Job, Making Money, Buying a New car, or a better car, Getting your ‘own’ house and thousand  other things DON’T MATTER AT ALL. These are the things which we do for the ‘Society’, for our family, for our future (which none of us have any idea about), for our kids and so on. What really matters is what we do for Ourselves. 

How many times do we actually do something that makes our Soul happy without worrying about anyone or anything at all? How many times do we laugh at problems which are super serious? 

Rarely or maybe Never! 

Let’s start celebrating Life. The ultimate happiness and Life’s ‘Bigger Picture’ is making your soul grow. Exams , Jobs , Money etc won’t matter At All. 

I was an extremely average student. Never got good marks. Never liked to study. Never got any importance or popularity in school. Had no Girlfriend. No money. Not good in sports. And even today I sometimes have money issues, Family problems, No work and hundred other things happening at the same time. But I still consider myself a Blessed person and I am really happy with my life. 


Because we all have problems in life. But if you look at our journey as a soul, these problems are our Experiences and Opportunities to grow as a Soul. By the end of every lifetime we live, when we will look at our own Movie, which is our journey in this particular lifetime, all we will be thankful for are our Experiences and Opportunities. We will realise that it’s the Human being we are that matters and not the money we make or the car we drive or the exams we pass. 

Now let’s do some simple calculations. Why do we have to worry about something which at the end of the day won’t even matter. And why not spread all our Niceness and Positivity around because that is the only thing which would truly matter. 

I am not asking you to run away from your problems. I am just asking you to face them and welcome them with a big bright smile. Don’t let anything or anyone pressurise you. If we fail ones we can do it the next time. If we can’t do it at all we will do something else. Do what makes you happy. Enjoy what you do. Write, Sing , Paint, Act, Travel, Study, do anything that you truly enjoy because you will give your best when you do something you enjoy. Even I changed 3 professions before I became an Actor. It’s ok to try and fail and then try again. Life is Beautiful. It’s not Hard or Complicated at all. So let’s just keep it simple. Enjoy Life. Live Life. Because when your film will be screened in front of you, you should be able to stand there and watch your entire journey with a smile on your face and no regrets at all. Life is Precious and at the end you should be proud of the way you Lived it because that’s all that will matter. 

#LiveLife #LoveLife

#LetThePositivityFlow 😇