“Follow Your Dreams”
This is the most common phrase we hear from everyone now a days. Everyone wants to follow their dreams and everyone wants everyone else to follow theirs, and it’s amazing. We all should. But…the important thing here is to have the right dreams. 

I understand…dream is a dream. To each its own and there is no right dream or wrong dream. 

Now let’s just try and understand that every dream we have will make us work towards it. It will change our actions in life. For example, if having a duplex in South Bombay is my dream then my efforts will go into making enough money so that I can afford and buy that duplex. 

What I mean to say is that our dreams for our future change our actions in the present. They connect our future directly to our today. 

We need to focus on choosing the right dreams because it will decide how we utilise our present. If we focus on the materialistic dreams our present will get overpowered with making enough money so that we can achieve those dreams and that will take us away from the real purpose of our soul and its growth. 

Some people might not agree with me here and say what’s wrong with making money. We can do that till a certain age and then have a comfortable life and then we can focus entirely on growing as a soul or we can do both simultaneously. 

My point is…NO! We can’t do both together.

I am writing this post sitting comfortably in my vanity van realising the fact that I can never focus on myself and my internal growth when I am reading scripts or shooting or working anywhere. My mind is constantly filled with this madness of money, comfort, looks, monetary success etc. I want my coffee in my fancy mug, an umbrella when I step out, my spot boy running around to get everything I ask for, hair to be perfect and blah blah blah. I can’t sit by myself even for 10 minutes without an ‘un required‘ thought in my head about how to get all the comforts of this crazy world because even if I want to try and be normal there are 10 people running around calling me ‘Sir‘ and it boosts my ego. It’s making this person happy who in the bigger picture doesn’t even exist. What exists is the inside of this person who doesn’t give a fuck about these ego boosting things and comfort. 

On the other hand when I am travelling my entire focus revolves around being a better human being, growing as a person and also the people I meet when I am on the road motivate me to be better. Most of them don’t know me as an Actor. They all come from their countries and meet me like a traveller. We talk about life, we talk about music and culture. It helps me be real. I am not looking out for comfort and luxury and still I feel super comfortable. I am happy from within because I don’t want to reach anywhere. I am living in the present. All my dreams and my entire focus is on growing as a being, keeping the ‘inner me’ happy and I just feel it. Everything feels right. I feel everything is exactly where and how it should be. 

Let not this materialistic world and fake dreams corrupt the real you. Focus on the real ones and everything will be perfect. You will feel it. And that experience is going to be beautiful. 😇😇

3 thoughts on “Dreams! 

  1. तुम्हारे ब्लाॅग पढ़ रहा हूं ! सच कहूं तो हम दोनों में कई सारी similarities होने के बावजूद हममें सिर्फ एक ही difference है, वह है तुम्हारी सुपरमैन जैसी उड़ान और मेरी बैटमैन जैसी दास्तान ! कभी फुर्सत हो तो मुझसे बात करना ! काफी हैरान कर देने वाली similarities देखने को मिलेगी तुम्हें ! क्योंकि जो किरदार तुमने निभाए वो मेरी जिंदगी के हैं (Alternatively) और जो जिंदगी का किरदार मैं निभाना चाहता था वह तुम जी रहे हो (Alternatively)
    हो सके तो इसका जवाब जल्द देना !


  2. Hello Rajat Bhaiya..
    My name is Kshitij and I am a class 12 student. You are one of the finest actors, and I have been waiting for a long time to tell you that Udaan was amazingggg….and the soundtrack superb!! Every time I am stressed out, I listen to those songs…and believe me, they uplift me out of all my gloom..
    I like to write poems, and have a blog at kkspoems.blogspot.in


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