A friend once told me that we are slowly turning into a generation who is Scared…Scared of everything. Scared to Trust, Scared to Experience, Scared to Talk, Scared to even Feel. And I think she is right. We are turning away and running from the most basic thing we have as human beings…Emotions.

We always see people tell each other to be happy always. Its great. We should all be happy but being happy ‘all the time‘ is not possible. Its not practical and its not good. We can’t possibly be happy all the time. And the point here is It’s Ok. Its ok to be sad or angry or whatever and not be happy sometimes. We as human beings are blessed with so many Emotions and it won’t be fair if we don’t experience them all. Experiencing Jealousy or Sadness or Anger is as big a blessing as being Happy is. This at least proves that we still Feel. In this generation of machines all around we are still very much Alive.

Don’t be this generation who is scared to Feel, scared to Experience. Don’t stop yourself from being Happy because you are scared of being sad, don’t stop yourself from trusting someone because you are scared of being cheated on, don’t stop yourself from falling in Love because you are scared of a heartbreak, DON’T STOP. Please. FEEL. EXPERIENCE. LEARN.



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